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Thailand is possibly the most-visited country in south-east Asia. The irresistible combination of fine beaches, ancient monuments and civilisations and renowned cuisine makes a holiday here an absolute must.

Where is it?

Thailand is in south-east Asia, bordering Malaysia to the south, Myanmar (Burma) to the north, and Cambodia and Laos to the east. It benefits from coastal stretches both in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand.

Where can I stay?

Thailand is a popular country to visit – Bangkok is a 24-hour city with hotels to match whilst smaller cities and coastal resorts have also made the most of the constant tourist trade. Travellers are becoming more sophisticated, however, which has resulted in a number of boutique hotels opening to cater for the discerning guest. For those who love the beach, try the luxury of Aleenta; a small, private beach hotel which houses just 17 suites and 2 private villas. With unspoilt beach on your doorstep, an infinity pool and romantic breakfast and dinner settings, beach-life rarely gets better. Alternatively, go for the lights and sounds of Bangkok, where you could stay at the Ibrik City; a very chic hotel right in the middle of the business district and next to the famous “Blue Elephant” cooking school. With just three rooms, this is a modern yet homely hotel and great transport connections mean that this boutique hotel is the ideal base for days and nights in Bangkok.

What can I see?

Thailand is renowned for its ancient monuments, stupas and temples. From the sheer architectural delight of the Phimai Temple, a Hindu/Buddhist temple, to the ancient stupas in the Sukothai Historical Park, there’s much to learn about civilisations hundreds and thousands of years old and the way they affect the people of Thailand today. Don’t miss the busy and colourful markets either, and make sure that you spend time sampling the fabulous food for which Thailand is so well known. Venture away from the beaches to the rivers and mountains of Thailand’s interior to sample a simpler way of life, or take in the energy of Bangkok with a city visit.

What can I do

IKO thailandThailand is also renowned as a great place to do water-sports. Kitesurfing, stand up paddling  and diving are all great sports to do in Thailand.  If you plan to do Kiteboarding Thailand you should plan a course with a approved IKO instructor for extra safety.

How do I get around?

You can hire a car to get around Thailand, but it may be easier to take the train. Bangkok city is serviced by a Sky train and boat service, so there’s no need for any other transport to get you around. Outside Bangkok and closer to the coast, use the buses and trains to get about. The trains may be slower than you’re used to, but they’re comfortable. On the other hand, the buses are fast and furious, but they are cheap and air-conditioned.

What You Should Know About Muay Thai Boxing In Thailand


Muay Thai Boxing is now a popular boxing match internationally. It is originally based in Thailand and well known as “combat sport”. It requires strength, physical preparation and endurance in defeating from one fighter to another. The fighters are using their knees, fists, elbows and shins in gaming. Each and every fighter has their own technique and skills in defeating their opponent, which would definitely make the crowd entertained in watching every fight.

This sport called Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand, is also one of the reasons why people or tourists want to travel Thailand. Aside from their spicy dishes, exotic foods and beauty of nature, this sports has really made everyone feel excitement.

Furthermore, you will be able to see this Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand in their popular stadium called “Lumpinee Boxing Staduim”. It is approximately 20-45 minutes to travel from the town, but you can always look up in the internet and get the map on the road, to help you get there fast and easy. Just make sure that you get to bring enough cash to watch the live boxing because you have to pay certain amount to watch it.

Another thing that you can do is to get trained with this popular boxing sport. There are trainings held and you might want to get yourself into the real action, so get your physical and emotional mind prepared ahead of time, because you are going to need it. But before you get yourself indulge to training, use these following tips to get yourself physically prepared and learn the martial arts which is applied with boxing. This is your Thailand guide to Thai boxing.

  1. thailand reiseNever go to training right after you came – most tourist are excited to experience and try their physical skills by training in Muay Thai Boxing. They would end up going to training right after they came to the place and go for a fight, but that is not right. You should take a rest, take some time to get into their the heat of their temperature and train yourself slowly.
  2. Get your body prepared with the heat of Thailand – yes, it is important to keep in touch with their environment and expect that county is hot. It would be best to learn to adapt in their temperature before you do anything like trainings, but if you just want to chill out then you can go around and experience their night life or bars.
  3. Prepare the price to pay in training – of course, there is always a price you have to pay when you go to trainings and this could be costly, so get your cash prepared and get trained. Rest assured you will learn a lot of things which is right for the price you pay.
  4. Train slowly and increase when your body can do it – it is essential to get trained slowly and increase it once you have learned to adapt in their environment. You should know by now how to handle their environment and be able to learn things from your training.
  5. Avoid gaining weight – when you are on training and you are really interested about it, then you should avoid yourself from gaining weight. This means you should take care of your food intake and get focused on training.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you should never attack any Thai people when you are not in fight, because you might end up being arrested or fight with one group of Thai people, so be careful with your actions when you visit to any other country, because they have their own culture of protecting every Thai people. For a night out in Bangkok you should travel with a Bangkok guide to get the most fun

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